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What is counselling ?

Counselling is a safe environment for you to discuss any issues that may be concerning you, without judgement, in complete confidentiality and be met with complete acceptance.

The term counselling covers a range of talking therapies. Counselling helps people to talk about their feelings, think about their choices or their behavior, and make positive changes in their lives.


Counselling will help you to resolve emotional, psychological and relationship issues. You may be experiencing difficult and distressing events in your lives, such as bereavement, divorce, health issues or job concerns. Or you may have more general underlying feelings of anxiety or dissatisfaction with life


You may be feeling isolated and have no one else to talk to, even with a supportive family and friends you may find it difficult to talk to them about feeling anxious or depressed. Or you may just find it easier to talk about personal, family or relationship issues with one of our counsellors.


Here at Colchester Counselling, our team have years of experience and are here to help guide you and talk through the issues that you are struggling with, making that big step and calling us can be the change you have needed and was waiting for, if you feel like learning more about us you can click on the link below to find about our team.

We are here to help You


Help is only a phone call or email away, but it can often feel like the biggest step to take on your road to self discovery. Contact us now to start your therapy today and know someone is here for you.​

​What form of counselling works best?

Every person is unique and everyone's experience of life and needs are different.

At Colchester Counselling we use what is called the integrative approach, The integrative approach uses the five main theories of counselling, out of those five theories we will then use the right combination that is best suited to you and the issue to work with.

The five main theories of counselling are;

  • Person centred

  • Psychodynamic

  • CBT (cognitive behavioural therapy)

  • Existentialism

  • Gestalt

The most important thing is that you start to get some support and the help that you need. Its great that you found our website, now you just need to pick up the phone or send us an email and we can start your journey together.

woman getting counselling from counsellor
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